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The Business Excellence Roundtable is a network designed to help business owners find answers to their challenges and to get the latest information on profitable business practices from experienced facilitator’s in total confidentiality.

What types of Roundtables are there?

There are various roundtables to assist business owners seek out the guidance and knowledge they require. We have general business roundtables that will be held across the greater Brisbane area. We have a general business one and also several that are specialised on a particular sector but these will only be held in a single location within Brisbane. We have retail, manufacturing, service, food and fashion roundtables in our current specialised series however we are looking at other themes. 
Whichever group you join will meet monthly with around 10 other business owners and a professional facilitator. These roundtables will be held in the same location and time each month. These fixed times and locations can help you to schedule them into your busy calendar.


Why confidentiality?

To make sure that you feel totally comfortable to discuss your issues, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you so that you know your very private dealings will stay private. This won’t be discussed in the general round table discussions. This way we can help you more as you won’t feel constrained in discussing your project issues with our trained facilitators.
How does it work?
You ask questions and also assist in answering others questions on business related challenges. This is a great way to learn rapidly for a group of "doers" as well as learning from highly skilled and experienced business facilitators. The roundtables provide an opportunity for you to work on your business and solve business issues and develop new strategies for growth on an ongoing basis.

Where are these Roundtables?

Round Tables will be initially in the Greater Brisbane Area, developing into SE Queensland and then to regional centres. We ask you to email us with your business name and suburb of your business. This way we can connect you with the closest Roundtable. Those who are interested in the specialist industry based Roundtables please let us know and we will advise you about the location and availability. 

How to get in touch with someone from the Business Excellence Roundtable?

Check the Contact page and either phone or email us at